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We found that most people when moving are under the impression that their property is covered by the removal company. Unfortunately this is not true.

As for the removalist’s own insurance covering damage, this is not the case, as no policy is designed to cover the goods of a third party, unless a full policy document is prepared and accepted by the insurer, and agreed to by the person taking the insurance policy.

Reputable removal company's who are trying to keep the cost down for the average person moving will supply Fire Collision and Overturn which covers your goods if the truck is involved in an accident and Public Liability as part of their service. These are the two insurance policies that are important but do not cost extra. 

If you are wanting to take out All Risk Insurance you would be well advised to call an insurance broker or visit to arrange cover for you based on the value of your goods. This is quite expensive but it is available if you choose to take it.

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