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What size truck do I need?

We have two sized removal trucks you can choose from. Our small removal truck which is perfect for apartments or small house moves, this size truck is also perfect for homes with steep drive ways or tight spaces that most large trucks would not fit into.


We also offer our large removal truck. This is perfect for large homes or items that are large and need more room.


If you are still unsure on what size truck you need, please call us and we'll be more then happy to help you get the right truck for the job.

Am I covered by insurance?

Please refer to our seperate Insurance page for all information on our insurance policy.

What items can you not take?

Due to Insurance and safety we are unable to move the following items:


  • Pre opened paint containers

  • Gas bottles

  • Any flammable fluid or liquid

  • Fertiliser

  • Any liquid-based items, hazardous materials, wet paint, chemicals, household cleaners, HAZMAT materials, propane or other flammable items, oil filters, batteries or mercury-based items

  • Animals

  • Medical waste

Do you take pot plants?

We are more then happy to move your pot plants given there is room in the truck for them. As pot plants can not be stacked on top of your furniture or anything placed on top of them. Please ensure all water is drained from your plants and saucers as this can leak onto your furniture during the move. 

Do you move pianos?

Due to Work Place Health & Safety we are able to move pianos if there are no steps or uneven surfaces with a minimum of 3 men. If there are steps, uneven surfaces or you own a grand piano we suggest you get in contact with a professional piano moving service. These companies have all the necessary safety equipment (hydraulic lifters, straps)  to safely move them.

How can I pay?

We accept payment at the completion of your job with either; cash, credit/debit card or a bank transfer. Please note there is a 2.2% processing fee with all card payments.

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